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1. Diagnostic test. Common European Framework of Languages. Phonetics and Pronunciation.
2. Introduction to the practice of law: types of law, types of courts. Persons in court. The study of law.
Grammar: review of tenses, modal verbs (must, have to, might, may, shall,...)
3. Employment law: CV, letters of application, employment and human resources. Unfair dismissal. Interviews.
Description of oneself (adjectives)
Grammar: review of conditionals, infinitive & gerunds.
4. Contracts: Definition of a contract, formation of a contract, structure of a commercial contract, remedies for [[#|breach of contract]]. E-contracts, understanding contracts and contract clauses.
Grammar: Adverbs of manner, frequency, time,...(position) Relative clauses ; reporting verbs.
5. The property: definition of theft, components of theft, real and intellectual property.
Grammar: The Passive.
6. International Law.